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Access Control

Limit entry to authorized personnel only. Controlled access doors make it easy to track access attempts and log activity at building openings.

Video Surveillance

Record video locally or in the cloud. Adding cameras adds insight to your facility, inside and out.

Intercom & Paging

Easily communicate with potential visitors and convey important safety information to everyone in the building.


Stay in full control with automated access and event recording.

Card readers, electronic locks, exit devices, and local notification devices working together to secure your space. Paired with the use of your smartphone as a credential instead of a traditional plastic card, Commercial Technology can help you modernize this mainstay of electronic security.

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Video Surveillance

Get real-time views of access points and easily correlate events

Did you know that advances in IP camera technology allow the use of Al to count people in a space, provide heat mapping, and save activity data based on shirt color, age, gender, and send alerts based whether or not a person is wearing a face mask?

All of these operations are possible when the proper cameras and compatible systems are used, and Commercial Technology can furnish, install, and configure them for you.

Security systems maintenance

Mitigates the risk of downtime

Keeps your technology up-to-date

Simplifies your technology budget

Gives you and your team peace of mind

OnCommand goes far beyond your standard warranty with unlimited remote support, network monitoring and management, backup and disaster recovery, on-site remediation, and more.

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Integrated Solutions for Comprehensive Control

View potential visitors using your camera system

Utilize the intercom to communicate with them in real time

Unlock the door to grant them access if you see fit


Schools (K-12 and Higher Ed)

Corporate offices

Financial institutions

Athletic facilities

Government buildings

Industrial workspaces

Manufacturing facilities

And more!

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Our dedication to offering a world-class customer experience is the driving force behind everything we do at Commercial Technology. We assess each potential client’s unique security needs and design a plan that works for their team, their budget, and their facilities.

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