The Ultimate Real Estate Investment

Whether you’re a buyer, seller, broker, lender, or landlord, PropTech is designed to streamline and connect processes to serve your building's ownership and management needs.


Smart locks meet rigorous industry standards for cybersecurity, reliability, and durability

Leak Detection

Prevent expensive water damages with leak sensors that enable immediate maintenance

Smart Lighting

Turn off outlets and dim lights using the management app to seamlessly cut down on energy waste

Remote HVAC Control

 Control your thermostats from anywhere and monitor utility and energy use over time

For One, For All

PropTech enables easy management solutions that appeal to the interests of everyone from renters to property managers.

Property Managers and Residents gain credentials for all access points including exterior (plus garage door), common areas and unit locks.

Residents can protect their possessions, limit their energy consumption, and lower their utility bills effortlessly using our convenient management app.

Property managers can improve their management performance by monitoring and controlling energy usage in common spaces and empty rental units.

No matter your relationship to your building, PropTech is for you.


Lighting The Path To The Future

Deliver more power with less infrastructure using PoE lighting solutions.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting solutions allow data and power to travel through the same copper lines and enable more areas to receive power without the installation of additional electrical infrastructure or outlets. With PoE and our compatible software platform, you can easily program commands and software changes without rewiring. This flexible solution makes it easy to control dimming, timing, sensors, lighting colors, and daylight harvesting to maximize efficiency and comfort.

A Cut Above The Rest

Take advantage of cutting-edge technology to differentiate your facilities from others in the real estate market.

PropTech uses digital innovation to address the needs of the property industry and make building management exponentially easier while increasing sale and rental desirability. This easy-to-manage emerging technology helps you stand out from less sophisticated properties, all while cutting costs on energy usage and preventing damage.

PoE Lighting uses technology to reduce operational costs and increases employee productivity and/or resident well-being and safety.  Keep your units/facilities attractive and affordable, while gaining a return on investment.

Additionally, PropTech and PoE Lighting solutions empower you to collect data to optimize usage to further cut costs and avoid waste.

PropTech & PoE Lighting…

  Limit waste

  Cut costs

  Facilitate remote management

  Provide long-Term solutions

With a robust and intelligent suite of PropTech solutions and PoE Lighting in place, you can enjoy these benefits—and many others. Smart facilities are the future, so why not get ahead while you can?

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Integrated Solutions for Comprehensive Control

Manage building safety with remote access control

Optimize efficiency across the board

Enjoy a seamless experience with a convenient mobile app


Schools (K-12 and Higher Ed)

Residential Buildings

Corporate Offices

Athletic Facilities

Healthcare Facilities

Government Buildings

Industrial Workspaces

Data Centers

And more!

You Want It? You Got It

Our dedication to offering a world-class customer experience is the driving force behind everything we do at Commercial Technology. We assess each potential client’s unique Property and Lighting, then design and seamlessly integrate an energy efficient management tool that works for their needs, their budget, and their facilities.

Don’t Just Take it From Us

We’ve provided PropTech solutions for:

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