HD Video Collaboration

Discover the innovative way that hybrid teams are staying more closely connected. Zoom Rooms empower your team to capture the feeling of face-to-face interaction no matter where your team is located.

An intuitive booking interface makes reserving a Zoom Room a breeze, and the enhanced voice commands and mobile accessibility make it easier than ever to lead a Zoom Room meeting. Commercial Technology will ensure that this innovative technology is properly configured and efficiently deployed, eliminating downtime and getting your team connected faster.

Take virtual meetings to the next level

Smart Gallery

Leverage cutting edge AI technology to stream up to three unique video feeds from a single camera view

Hot Desking

Use an interactive map to virtually book desks, seats, and arrangements

Virtual Receptionist

Customize a virtual receptionist to greet and engage with guests in a variety of environments

Voice Commands

Enhanced and expanded voice command options are now available for Zoom Rooms

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Advanced capabilities for your unique needs

Mobile Accessibility

Pair your phone or laptop to your Zoom Room for the ability to start, stop, and control from your mobile device.

Scheduling Display

Simplify room booking with an intuitive interface that shows meetings currently taking place, upcoming reservations, people counting, and more.

Digital Signage

Share signage, announcements, images, and videos across your Zoom Room displays.

Standards Based Interop

Zoom Rooms include the ability to dial out to standards based SIP/H.323 endpoints.

Get your whole team on the same page

HD Video and Audio

High-quality AV capabilities across desktops, laptops, and room systems

Wireless Sharing

Share content from your laptop or desktop with a single touch

One Touch to Join

Make it easy for team members both in-office and at-home to come together

Deploy Zoom Rooms for your organization

Seamlessly connect your team without boundaries

Whether your team is split between at-home and in-office, or you have teams in separate buildings, offices, or states - it’s never been easier to eliminate boundaries and connect your team. Get all the key players in the same room and on the same page with Zoom Rooms.


Get Started with Zoom Rooms

Commercial Technology will ensure that your Zoom Rooms are properly configured and deployed so you can spend less time setting up the technology and more time connecting with your team. Contact us today to request more information.